Story Time with Sarah: Belle’s Adventure

Welcome to my first “Throwback Thursday Post”!

My first real piece of writing, ‘Belle’s Adventure’, was a story chronicling the (obviously made up) adventures of my family dog, Belle. I wrote it in Grade 3 and was praised by both my teacher and classmates alike (it also marks the only time in school that all of my classmates didn’t think I was a giant weirdo). And while I had been telling stories long before writing this one, ‘Belle’s Adventures’ marked my first real foray into the joys of writing and has been the catalyst for every writing project since. (Except school assignments. I was forced to write those.)

Since it is actually ridiculously long and difficult to translate as my spelling wasn’t all that it could have been I won’t share it completely on this site. Instead, dear reader, I will regale you with a proper telling: A video of me reading “Belle’s Adventure”.

Please note, this video was inspired by “Grown Ups Reading Things They Wrote As Kids”. 

Bele's Adventures - Book 1_Page_01_Image_0001

Story Time With Sarah – “Belle’s Adventures”

Disclaimer: Please excuse the occasional pauses and the odd cuts, I don’t have any editing software and the “trim” effect on the iPhone is annoying as all hell.

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