Story Time with Sarah: Belle’s Trip to Heaven

My second ‘novel’ (and the sequel to “Belle’s Adventures”) “Belle’s Trip to Heaven” was written the summer after I finished Grade 3. It’s considerably more legible than it’s predecessor (typed rather than hand written) and was illustrated with far more care which I believe showcases my growth as a writer/illustrator.

From the back, written in my grade 3 scrawl:

Belle loved earth it was heaven to her. But when she actually got to heaven she wants to get back. Will she be able to before her name gets on the list or will it be to late. You can find out in this !OUTSTANDING book! By Sarah Porter! Other books by Sarah are Belle’s Trip.

 Please enjoy, dear reader.


Book 2_Page_01_Image_0001


Book 2_Page_02_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_03_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_04_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_05_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_06_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_07_Image_0001Book 2_Page_08_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_09_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_10_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_11_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_12_Image_0001

Book 2_Page_13_Image_0001

The end.


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