The Killer Moth

Welcome to another edition of Throw Back Thursday!
This is a story I wrote 15 years ago, chronicling one of the most terrifying events of my young life.

On the night of August 5th midnight, two girls, Julia and Sam Porter were attacked by a ‘killer moth’. This attack happened in their own bedroom, they claim to be near death of this horrid experience.

At approximately 11:01pm Julia and Sammy heard a noise. A frightening noise. Sammy insisted it was a moth but Julia said it was probably their father, Don, who was making his lunch down stairs. After a minute the noises stopped and both girls rested peacefully for a while.

When out of nowhere the moth flew down, straight into the face of Sam. The frightened girl jumped out of shock! She was stunned. Then…silence. The moth had mysteriously disappeared. After a twenty minute search the girls came to a startling stop. They then came up with the following conclusions:

  • Sam was insane and had imagined this horrifying event
  • She had killed and it was somewhere in her bed
  • She had swallowed it
  • It was lurking somewhere in the room

After they gave up their search, Julia screamed as the giant moth swept from her toy net. The frightened girls screamed in horror, and only stopped after their fellow family members yelled at them to SHUT UP!

It came again, ten minutes later only to leave their room without so much as a chase. While the killer moth was resting sleepily on the bathroom door (which was open a crack) none other than Julia should go bounding in there and crush the moth as she slammed the door. The moth died that night, despite its strong heart.

RIP Killer Moth: July 9th-August 5th 1999
(Three weeks in the Porter House)

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