The 9th Victim: An Introduction

The 9th Victim is a story I have been writing on and off for a long time. It is not meant to be a mystery novel or even a crime novel in the truest sense of the genre. It’s just a fairly gruesome story with a bit of romance thrown in. The writing of it has relied entirely on an overactive imagination and has very little in the way of factual research regarding the justice system here in Canada.

I have loved writing this story and the inspiration for it springs up at the oddest times. I have bits and pieces of it written on dozens of pieces of scrap paper in a folder in my bedroom just needing to be stitched together into completion.

After years of writing and developing this story I can honestly say that the reason it’s never been completed is the same reason it came to life in the first place: my overactive imagination. Writing this story terrifies me. I have imagined murder scenes and mental illness in a way that sticks into my brain making every shadow in my apartment appear menacing and causing me to speed walk whenever someone is walking behind me, keys in hand and ready to slash if need be. It’s not healthy.

Though it can be fun.

I truly hope to finish this story one day, even if it’s just to ensure the serial killer meets their own grisly end as deserved. In the meantime bits and pieces can be enjoyed here, on The (Western) Canadian.

I appreciate all feedback.


Williams has a surprisingly high crime rate for such a small town, petty theft and drug violence putting it on the map more than it’s hiking trails and west coast beauty ever has. But recently things have escalated in a way that’s catching national attention. Grisly murders and hidden bodies without a single helpful clue have terrified the town. A serial killer on the rise without any discernible pattern has become the newest nightmare and the town’s police are struggling to maintain the peace and solve the case.
Detective Danni Brooks is outmatched and outmaneuvered and when she piques the interest of our murderer things really go to hell. 



About the Author

Sarah, largely inspired by a photographer mother and artistic father strives to march to the beat of her own grossly out of tune drum.

When not aggressively pinning ambitious crafts on Pinterest, Sarah spends her time writing, both on paper and in her head. It’s not uncommon for her to have a dozen stories warring in her overactive brain at any given time, often creating the most absurd (and unfortunate) crossovers.

Both blessed with a modicum of talent and cursed by an inability to finish most projects before moving on to the next one, Sarah is hoping that the maturity of her advancing years will help her to finally stick to a schedule and produce at least some art (though one could argue that true art doesn’t require a schedule). If all else fails, at least she will have a new place to save her stories, one excerpt at a time.

Please enjoy, dear reader, and prepare yourself for a variety of styles and genres, some done well and some just done.