Patterns aren’t just for Knitting

This edition of Throw Back Thursday is another example of writing using patterns. It was originally sent as an email to my family.

Apparently I have too much time on my hands, how else can you explain this? Besides just saying I am a horrible procrastinator. Can’t a girl just have a little fun every now and then without it being something weird? Don’t people make allowances for strange habits anymore?

Eccentricity should be revered!

Fortunately for me, I am far too self-involved to care that you aren’t impressed. Great people shouldn’t have to rely on the good opinions of others. However, I could get by with a little more recognition. I am, after all, doing something pretty cool here.

Just you wait until I finish, then you will be impressed.

Know this; you probably aren’t the only person who didn’t get it right away. Lots of people don’t see patterns in the beginning. Many might not even notice until they get to the end. (Not even these hints will help them.) One shouldn’t be embarrassed if it takes a while.

Perhaps I should try distracting you now? Questioning you? Really, I could throw in some misdirection. Should I tell you about my newest hobby?

Today I decided to take up Rapping. Usually I make fun of rappers, but lately I’ve started thinking they are cool. Very cool. Who else can pull off being “Gangsta” with such aplomb? Xander from Buffy certainly couldn’t. You’d think that I would be able to come across “Gangsta” without the aid of rap; you’d be wrong. Zeal just isn’t enough these days.

1 through 10

Throw Back Thursday. An experiment with patterns.

One day Two children found a house in the woods. Three times they had to knock beFour the door mysteriously opened. They took Five steps down the hallway before coming across Six sinister gentlemen, who did not seem to know the rules to musical chairs (they were using Seven chairs). It appeared as though the gentlemen were expecting the children as there were Eight pieces of cake, all neatly sliced and waiting for consumption.

Curious, thought the children.

The gentlemen all smiled.

Nine times out of Ten, if there are sinister gentlemen waiting for you in the woods they will not be bearing cake.

Sinister Eyebrows!

Sinister Eyebrows!