Ode to a Father (with Horses)

This edition of Throw Back Thursday features a poem I wrote for my Father many, many years ago.

It is true I’m not a poet
(though you seem not to know it,
asking me to write you a poem, the nerve!)
But still you asked
and so I was tasked
to write you a poem with horses.
Horses you say?
Why yes! They go “nay”
And ninny and nicker too!
I’ve ridden a horse twice
though it wasn’t so nice
(I fell on my face, you see)
I broke up my glasses
they were eaten by bass’
(or any other fish in the sea).
My what a rut
I seem to be stuck
oh dear me, what do I say?
I think I must end
this poem my friend
before it runs on too long.
(too late!)