The First Goodbye, Matheson Lake


The water trembled in the wind, as cold as we were. Maybe even colder. It was stark and beautiful, and my heart nearly broke from the intensity of it all. The way your hand felt in mine, the gentle pressure of you pulling away. The tears on your face.
I was suffocating.
The island, alone in the centre, was a beacon. I took off my clothes and waded in, intent and focused even as I shivered.
You stood back, not saying a word.
And I swam.

– Excerpt from a short story, “The First Goodbye”

Good Things

Good things don’t come to those who wait; they come to those who take initiative, those who are restless in the pursuit of happiness and who are not afraid to fail. Good things come to those who get up when they fall, who don’t fear life and living, those who jump in before testing the waters.

Good things are often masked behind mistakes and rash decisions, and they sometimes take a while to fully form – the silver lining on the rainbow – but they only come to those who pursue them like an eager suitor.

Those who wait for good things to come to them are often left stood up.