About the Author

Sarah, largely inspired by a photographer mother and artistic father strives to march to the beat of her own grossly out of tune drum.

When not aggressively pinning ambitious crafts on Pinterest, Sarah spends her time writing, both on paper and in her head. It’s not uncommon for her to have a dozen stories warring in her overactive brain at any given time, often creating the most absurd (and unfortunate) crossovers.

Both blessed with a modicum of talent and cursed by an inability to finish most projects before moving on to the next one, Sarah is hoping that the maturity of her advancing years will help her to finally stick to a schedule and produce at least some art (though one could argue that true art doesn’t require a schedule). If all else fails, at least she will have a new place to save her stories, one excerpt at a time.

Please enjoy, dear reader, and prepare yourself for a variety of styles and genres, some done well and some just done.