The Stories: An Explanation

The (Western) Canadian is my outlet for all things fiction. It’s where I share excerpts and one-offs, and where I collect my stories.

The writing fits into the following three parent categories: Novels, Shorts, and Satirical Essays.

Read Between The Lines: The Slightly Embellished Mostly True Diary of a Canadian Abroad: This is a work in progress. Read Between the Lines is a work of fiction based on my backpacking trip down under with my sister in the year 2004. It was also started as my first NaNoWriMo attempt.

The 9th Victim: Crime Novel: Excerpts and chapters from my attempt at writing Crime Fiction (a genre I love to read but have very little knowledge of). The 9th Victim is a story about a serial killer in a small town and the first two chapters were originally published on

Romance Novel Excerpts: Various excerpts from romance novels that I am attempting to write, some historical and some contemporary. I am currently working on three different romance novels. Two of them are part of a series, “Mysterious Attractions”, and they take place in Regency England. The third novel is a contemporary romance novel.

Quick Wit and Photography: Various photographs with quick descriptions and quotes, often unrelated. This allows me to continue with my love of photography, quote my own ridiculousness (thus exploring my own narcissism) and stick to my posting schedule even when my other stories aren’t quite ready.

Throw Back Thursday: Likely published once a month, this category consists of old stories and excerpts from back in the day. This includes everything from illustrations to video readings, from scribbles to typed but unedited stories. A Snap shot of my growth as a writer.

Short Stories and Random Excerpts: One-Offs and Short Stories that don’t really fit into any other category. All genres accepted.

Flash Fiction: Short Stories written using 100 words or less.

Poetry (Pretentiously Poetic): Various attempts at poetry that I have written throughout the years.

Autobiographical: Various works that fall in the “About Me” style of writing. This includes everything from introductions to stories based on my life.

Satirical Essays:
Serious Satire: Fake news stories and various other attempts at perfecting satirical writing.

Etiquette Edification: Satirical writing regarding etiquette in today’s world. This category expands on my triSARAHtops “Friending Etiquette” and “Friending Etiquette pt. 2” posts.

Essays and Travel Writing: This category is broken down into two parts. Firstly there are essays written throughout the years, some were written as assignments, though most were written for fun. Submissions to this category mostly consist of descriptive essays with the occasional persuasive essay thrown into the mix. Secondly there are travel writing and reviews, detailing places I have been and vacations I have taken.

Please enjoy, dear reader. I hope to publish posts on Thursday’s each week.

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