Final Fantasy: War of the Magi (pt. 1)

Throwback Thursday: Final Fantasy: War of the Magi Part 1 of 3

This was a writing exercise I assigned myself one summer when I was 14. I took a story I was extremely familiar with (Final Fantasy 3 – a game I spent HOURS playing for many years and have beaten more times than I can count) and decided to write about it. I wanted practice at writing description and dialogue.

It was originally published on I never finished it.

“Long ago, the War of the Magi reduced the world to a scorched wasteland, and magic simply ceased to exist.

“1000 years have passed… iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns…

“But there are some who would enslave the world by reviving the dread destructive force known as ‘magic.’

“Can it be that those in power are on the verge of repeating a senseless and deadly mistake?”

In this day and age, it has become difficult to set aside fact from fiction. Few things are known for sure about the War of the Magi, and the rest is said to be nothing but myth and legend. Tales told to children to frighten and amuse. Many even feel that the War of the Magi never even happened, that it never existed. These same skeptics scoff at the idea of magic, it is but another fable.

But what if they are wrong? What if the mythical Espers did indeed exist? If the legends were true…

Espers. Magical beings possessing both power for peace and for destruction, merely which ever suited their fickle moods. With a mere utterance of words and a flick of the wrist, the effects could be disastrous. Into the wrong hands they fell, causing a war that outlasted its creators.

In the end, the world, as it had been known, was destroyed. Magitek warriors were decimated in hundreds at the hands of the worlds so called saviors. Peace was restored.

Now, a powerful empire is restoring the long forgotten secrets of the world of magic. This ancient war is on the verge of being repeated. Is there anyone who posses the power to prevent another setback? Can anyone save the world…?

A bleak day as an archaic downpour of water drained from the clouds onto the wintery city of Narshe, turning the snowy ground into icey slush.

Three figures, two men and a girl, clothed in the uniforms of the imperial army trudged through the now deserted streets in the clunky metal suits known as magitek armor. A few terrorized eyes watched through darkened windows as they made their way to the mines at the edge of town.

The three roughened soldiers stopped at the edge of the mines and removed the helms of their regimentals. The two men appeared to be twins with only coarse scars to distinguish between them. Each man shared the same gold-brown hair, darkened from dirt. It reached their shoulders in a style that befit their ranks, and hung limply down, weighed from the grease that was a symptom of lack of good hygiene. Their eyes were both beady, and appeared black. One of the twin’s eyes held a steely glare and a hunger for destruction, while his counter part’s shifted in an uncertain manor. Dirt smudged their skin, caked to their clothes from the weary travels.

A few more steps and they would be all the more closer to their goal, the entrance of the mines stood right in front of them.

“We’ve reached the mines…” Vicks, the more nervous of the two stated the obvious as he spoke with a scratchy voice.

Wedge answered in a voice that was at once both awed and annoyed, “hard to believe an Esper’s been found intact there, 1000 years after the war of magi.”

“Think it’s still alive?”

“Probably,” Wedge spat onto the snowy ground. “Judging from the urgency of our orders.”

Vicks shot a nervous look behind him. The girl, still shrouded in her uniform, stood completely docile and still. She did not seem at all capable of coherent thought. It was a remarkable sight.

Long, light green hair was pulled tightly back, and held in place by a metal crown. Her wide eyes were an unusal mixture of blue, purple, and flecks of gold that appeared as though stars on a night sky. Her face was starkly pale, almost translucent, and through the heavy clothes and armor, it was obvious that she was far too skinny, suffering from malnutrition. Dark purple blotches were scattered over her body, evidence of abuse. Still, despite her current state, an air of intelligence radiated from her and could be seen behind the confusion in her eyes.

Vicks shuffled his feet as he stared at her warily. “And this woman, this… sorcerer, why’s she here?” He shifted his gaze so that it rested on Wedge. “I heard she fried 50 of our magitek soldiers in under three minutes.”

“Not to worry,” Wedge took a step towards the mysterious woman and waved his hand in front of her face. She did not flinch. “The slave crown on her head robs her of all conscious thought. She’ll follow orders.”

Without another word, the twin soldiers nodded at each other and began to walk into the decaying entrance of the mines.

After several steps, it was Wedge who stopped and beckoned to the girl, who until that point had remained motionless.

Together, the threesome traveled on in search of the enigmatic Esper.


It was several hours later when they finally reached their destination. An open cave was carved into the rock wall, pillars of wood kept the edges from collapsing in on itself. It appeared to be no different than the others that surrounded and preceded it. It was obvious, however, that this was the cave they needed. In their magitek suits, the magical aura of the Esper somehow called to them, guiding the way like the north star. They were called to the mystical being, drawn to its power.

“Halt!” two dozen soldiers and a general appeared from inside the cave, positioning themselves between the emperor’s soldiers, and the Esper. This only strengthened their reasoning that this was the cave they needed. Their uniforms were hardly even close to those of the empire’s army. Scraps of cloth worn down and shredded. The general spoke again, “you do not have permission to pass through these caves. We are here to ask you to withdraw as to avoid a fight.” Fear was evident in his form, but to his credit his voice did not quiver.

A sinister laugh erupted from Vicks and Wedge. Many of the warriors of Narshe trembled at the sight of the three before them. They knew their destiny and it was almost as if they could see death in his cloak of darkness, standing in the corner of the mines, waiting to claim them. Even though they outnumbered them, they stood no chance against magitek armor.

“We are here on orders that outrank yours. Move.” Wedge took a step forward.

A brave, but foolish soldier ran forward from his line, drawing his sword as he let out a cry. Within seconds he was incinerated before the eyes of everyone present. Without a warning to the division before them, Vicks used his armor to strike the rest of his enemies down with bolts of lightning. All that stood before the emperor’s army now was a pile of ash and the stench of burnt flesh that mixed with the dank smell of the mines.

Vicks let out another twisted laugh that echoed several times before fading, and they headed forth to the Esper.

Upon stepping into the room, they were all stopped in their tracks, an invisible wall encases them.

The cave was empty, save for a block of ice that stood fourteen feet high. Through the transparency of the block, a large, unusual creature could be seen. It’s figure was unlike anything that had been seen by this generation before, a mixture of human, whale, dragon, and bird. Large silver wings wrapped around tight and covered its body. It was beyond beautiful, emitting a strange, warm glow that seemed to surround the entire mine. It had the aura of a god, both haughty and regal.

Vicks and Wedge stood speechless as the warm glow turned hot. Slowly, their skin began to blister and scorch. The same fate that had befallen their opponents was now coming back to them, twofold. Tears streamed from their eyes and boiled, searing a path down their skin. The pain caused them to scream out as they slowly burned to death.

Their cries ceased, and their now empty armor disappeared from the mine in a bright flash of blinding white light.

The sorcerer girl stood, head cocked in what was the first natural act the girl had showed. The glimmer from the Esper continued, growing stronger in curiosity and frustration. None of this affected the girl as she began to let off a light of her own, a mixture of bright fuchsia and white.

Suddenly, for the girl, the world went black and nothing could be seen or felt…

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